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It was called "jingtailan" (or Jingtai blue) because the enamelware that was made during his reign was typically blue.

Some cloisonné antique experts and collectors say that the cloisonné that was made during the middle of the Ming era, in the Jingtai period and afterwards, was the best ever made in the world.

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Chinese cloisonné ware won first prize at the Chicago World's Fair in 1893.Ming era innovation: Using white porcelain as the substrate material was a major innovation.It combined their skill with making the translucent, light, and strong white porcelain that had been highly prized abroad for many centuries with the Western technique of decorating with cloisonné artwork.Cloisonné is an art technique that is mainly used to decorate metal objects or ceramics.It is thought that the technique originated in the West.

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