Dating rausian men dating a music man

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The good news, American men are more exotic than Russian men and this excites Russian women.

The bad news, this does not mean that all Russian women will be smitten with an American man.

This means Russian women are not working from a deficit position and do need American to come and save them from a loveless life.

You may hear this myth being used as a marketing pull from Russian dating sites or match making services, but sadly it is not true.

On these trips men are introduced to Russian women who are looking to date American men.

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Typically these types of guys are unable to get a girl in the traditional fashion and are therefore essentially looking to purchase a girlfriend or wife.

First are the men who are looking for Russian wives either online or physically going to Russia in search.

There are programs in which you can go to Russia with a tour group in hopes of finding a Russian girlfriend.

So this problem may also be a sad example of how sexism still alive and well regardless of your nationality.

It is hard to discuss Russian women and American men without address a commonly thrown around myth- Russia has way more women than men.

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