Dating of dinosaurs bones

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Matt USA About 6,000 years old if you add up the ages given in the genealogies in the Bible from Adam to Christ and factor in certain other timeframes given in the Bible (and of course, add in the five days prior to Adam (since he was made on Day 6)). Trying to determine the age of something gets into what we call “historical” science.

Past events cannot be repeated as per scientific methodology.

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So no one can say that Abe Lincoln gave the Gettysburg address., not to mention several other types, were alive and part of living dinosaurs only tens of thousands of years ago—that astonishing discovery was met with immediate . Specific details can be included in that addendum, with future responses possible for the one who gave the lecture and was later corrected. Conference leaders may add an addendum to the official website, after the oral presentations are completed, with details about why the conclusions of that speaker may have been in error." data-medium-file=" w=287" data-large-file=" w=586" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-1800" src=" w=676" alt="blunt explanation for censorship" srcset=", The details given in the conference lecture itself included explanations for how contamination was avoided in the bone samples sent to the carbon-14 testing laboratory and much more.w=143 143w, w=287 287w" sizes="(max-width: 586px) 100vw, 586px" / Notice this: “There is obviously an error in these data.” So where is the error and what exactly is that error? Raw censorship in this deletion of an abstract—that deserves an investigation.

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