Dating my 1980 s ludwig drums young lds dating

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The shells were complemented by a 1” reinforcement ring of maple.From 1961 until 1968 the interiors were painted white.From autumn 1968 through 1975, Ludwig changed the mahogany plies over to maple, and in 1976 introduced the Classic series, abandoning the reinforcement rings and opting for six plies of maple and poplar.The Classic drums also opted back to the clear lacquer interior finish.The evolution of Ludwig hardware is a detailed and multi-faceted story.For this reason and the aforementioned trend of updating vintage drums, hardware will not be covered in this guide.

The general rule of thumb is a “Keystone” badge indicates a drum from the '60s and a “Blue & Olive” badge indicates a drum from the '70s or early '80s.Unlike the many components and changing particulars which make dating a guitar difficult, a few key, consistent elements make identifying a drum’s year of manufacture much easier.In this article, we’ll be looking at the three best ways to identify a Ludwig: date stamp, serial number/badge style and shell construction.The lion’s share of vintage Ludwig drums available on the market hail from the company’s golden years of the '60s, '70s, and early '80s.The fifty years from Ludwig’s inception in 1909 to the early 1960s deserves its own article, so in order to give you the most pertinent information for dating, we’ll be looking at drums from the early '60s onwards.

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