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These sediments have been shown in geophysical studies to mask a second escarpment as high as the one of the range front, and the total bedrock relief from the Sierra crest to the floor of the graben is as much as 6 km.

During the Quaternary Period the southeastern Sierra Nevada was characterized by the down-faulting of Owens Valley along two zones, one a series of normal faults along the range front (Independence Fault) and the other a series of faults along the center of the valley (Owens Valley fault zone).

Traces of at least seven glaciations were found during this study.

Moraines and other deposits left during these glaciations could be distinguished based on the degree of weathering of granitic clasts, vegetative cover, and morphologic characteristics.

The oldest Holocene glaciation (Hilgard) left few large moraines in the study area.

Hilgard glaciers extended much farther down-canyon than the younger Holocene glaciers, sometimes within one or two km of the Tioga terminal moraines.

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Till is generally consolidated and supports heavy lichen growth and bushes but few trees.

In each case, moraine morphology has been well preserved.

Tioga moraines were found down to about 2200 m elevation. The terminal moraines of the youngest of these were sometimes intact.

The foothill blocks are identical to the Sierras in composition.

Below the foothills coalescing alluvial fans grade a few km east to the alluvium and lacustrine sediments of the Owens River and Owens Lake.

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