Dating for sex in cairo

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We had our first kiss and one thing led to another.

Even though we were both exhausted we ended up not sleeping much and spent the night chatting away and enjoying each others company.

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He said, “we’ll start by visiting Tahrir Square and go from there”. We made it to the Square and he pointed out some key points from the revolution and he told me that he was there too fighting along the rest of the people. I asked so many questions and learned so much about it.

Then finally after dropping a few hints my self we started talking about our sexuality. He let me know it’s very hard, because no one can find out.

If someone does you will be shamed from your family, be beat or could even be killed for being so.

On this night it was a mix of Egyptian & Indian music. He then took me and showed me around another market and mosque.

While we were walking around the market he put his arm around mine. never had I held a guys arm wondering around a city (not even at home), but then I remembered that in Arabic countries it’s normal.

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