Dating food allergy

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It wouldn't be a deal breaker as long as I could personally eat whatever food I wanted (obviously keeping it out of shared meals/dishes/countertop).

As far as compromising on restaurants, well, some people are just picky and you still have to compromise, so it's not a big deal. I can't imagine not dating someone just because of a food allergy.

They laughed about how they could never date someone with a food allergy.

Do people think this is a dealbreaker when it comes to dating?

) saying really terrible things about people with food allergies.

They made fun of all types of people, especially those with Celiac disease.

” because it was loaded with things I’m allergic to.

When I went over that night, lo and behold, his specialty might as well have been called “Allergy Surprise!As the school day ends and Friday night begins, clothing and style may shift.Although it may be tempting to pack lightly for the night ahead, there is no excuse for not carrying an auto-injector, no matter the outfit, bag, or plans for the evening.I pulled away before our lips even touched and asked her straight up “were you eating peanut butter? She told me that she had a peanut butter cookie that someone brought to the party. I found out she was a keeper right then as she told me that would be the last time she would eat peanuts when I’m around! Some people bring it up by asking them “what are 3 really unique things about you?” Hopefully they will ask the same to you, and you can let them know about it then.

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