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I haven't subscribed to Dating (or any other dating site for that matter) but I recently saw where Dating has run a .95 temporary authorization against my debit card. Instead of a typical "front door" page that a reputable business website would have, the Dating page has the title "Payment reference page" and looks like it was set up to answer the question, "Why was this charge on my credit card statement?

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I hadn't had any problems the first time around - maybe that site was bought by Dating Factory...don´t even bother to ask for skype or something, they´ll always want you to sub to another paysite should they agree to skype, they are never at home, always in another country and so on...(mainly the UK...ha-ha! I don´t think that these are scripts...these are operators with a bad paycheck As it happens, I got one on Skype right now, needless to say, that on wlan camchat won´t a frozen frame..guess what, that person is the person in the site profile...maybe an advanced scammer? save time and money by avoiding sites like that and always read the smallprint /EULA et cetera..stated it in there that it is all fake, others don´t...hence the "networking"...shared scamming. update: I wrote to support in kind way...threatend with lawyers (I´m in CH) and just got an email that all further payments are cancelled... Perhaps its just the way these dating sites work and I'm no expert, but I think there must be a better way to meet someone. The biggest joke is their CEO Tanya Fathers almost or might still be added to a list of Britians best entrepreneurs (or something like that) I'm about to report them to the Federal Trade Commission who fairly recently fined JDI Dating 6k for creating fake profiles.) some are pretty smart, they take their time (and yours! Please also report them, the more of us who do it the more likely they'll act against these low life's who heartlessly play on people's needs for profit I went to Lesbian Singles This site is a scam that fills your email inbox with many messages once you make a free profile. You can cancel but make sure you get proof in writing.Then you pay to see, but still you cannot see on Gold membership;, you have to take VIP. But then they will lie and say your bank charged THEM chargeback fees, even if they do not try to take payment.

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