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Standing next to them for a photo, it looked like I was standing in a hole. Funny thing I do remember now though was meeting and dating a woman back in my twenties who was 5'11. Watching those two interact and realizing that they were looking at each other eye-to-eye, that was literally eye opening to me. I'm okay with the fact that I'm not going to be any one woman's cup of tea. I also talk about how to achieve immortality: It isn't what you think. I talk about Tinder, IG, sugar dating, where we are as Men and Women today. Which brings me to what the title of this podcast is about: 10 Pieces Of Actionable Advice I give you 10 things that you can implement immediately and start getting results. Welcome to another episode of the Salt Lake Sit-Down.

As time went on though, I realized a few things: My height didn't matter nearly as much as I thought it did. Most of the women I've been with in my past were taller than me. In the end, she didn't have a problem with my lack of height, but I ended up having a problem that she was that significantly taller than me. We want what we want, we like what we like, your life is your own, do what you want. If they don't have an itinerary to follow, they get anxious. Now granted my maxims aren't necessarily original, and they aren't set in stone. In episode #7 I talk about the book: The Alabaster Girl from Zan Perrion, Game by Roosh V, how technology has impacted us for better and for worse, a couple of axioms or adages that I live by, and what if anything can be done while dating and/or being a parent in a sick culture/society.

I won't regret taking the chance on approaching and meeting someone new, and they aren't interested in what I'm offering them. And if it doesn't work out the way that I had wanted it to?

I talk about dating apps as a symptom and a part of clown world. I also mention a variety of other things as well as what it means when a woman wears a choker. KDw91n Ffj A L_OTAYou're going to be the Villain in somebody's story. For most of my life, I've tried to avoid this fact.I've done things and acted in certain ways all in order to avoid being the villain in somebody's story.You may say the words a hundred times or more, and you may even hear it ten times more than that, but do you actually put them into practice? Guys, if you need to work on your weight, now's the time. this episode, I talk about Masculine Geek, George Bruno, older movies, dealing with telemarketers, and a couple of books. And then there is not much or anything you can do about it. Nothing is going to change, it's business as usual.Game by Roosh V: https://The Age of the Bachelor by Howard P. When you take something that is a feeling, and you give it a description and call it something, you give it a name, you take it outside of yourself. If the government wanted your women for Selective Service, they would already have them.

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