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Abraham's bosom contrasts with the destination of a rich man who ends up in Hades (see Luke -31).

Leprous Lazarus is carried by the angels to that destination after death.

Illuminated manuscript, Codex Aureus of Echternach, c. (Germanisches Nationalmuseum, Nürnberg.) This relates to the Second Temple period practice of reclining and eating meals in proximity to other guests, the closest of whom physically was said to lie on the bosom (chest) of the host.

(See John ) to the universal custom of parents to take up into their arms, or place upon their knees, their children when they are fatigued, or return home, and to make them rest by their side during the night (cf.

Due to a copying error a loose section of Hippolytus' commentary on Luke 16 was misidentified as a Discourse to the Greeks on Hades by Josephus and included in William Whiston's translation of the Complete Works of Josephus.

Since the righteous dead are rewarded in the bosom of Abraham before Judgment Day, this belief represents a form of particular judgment. Christ is enthroned in heaven surrounded by the ranks of angels and saints.

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