Dating carnival glass

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ranges from bright pieces to twisting spiral collectibles.

Items made from 1973 onward are distinguished by an oval-shaped Fenton raised logo.

Over the years, they have produced a variety of glass types, including the carnival, opalescent, and milk, as well as other styles like custard and chocolate.

Fenton pieces are popular with collectors for their wide variety of glass styles, signature designs, and the fact every Fenton piece is made by hand.

Fenton-made milk glass before 1958 was also distinguishable for its more transparent appearance in comparison to other milk glass.

Art glass is generally sought-after by collectors, but the maker of an individual piece can impact its value.

Pieces produced before 1973 were marked with stick-on labels that likely tore away, making it necessary to do further research to verify the maker.

Colors, design, and motifs can also determine the value of Fenton glassware.

was one of the most prominent glassmaking companies in American history and led to many of the styles discussed in this guide.

Drawing inspiration from Tiffany Studios and Steuben Glass, the firm introduced carnival glass in 1907 before going on to create over 150 different patterns in this style.

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