Dating anxiety scale

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Make small laminated scales for staff or parents to carry with them to prompt the person to remember the scale lesson.

You can hold up the small scale and touch the number you think the person is at, then slide your finger down the scale to the 2 or 1 level.

Kari and Mitzi Create a schedule piece using the program Boardmaker (Mayer Johnson) indicating that it is time for the person to rate themselves on their anxiety scale.

There is a similar but slightly different worksheet for school (teacher/student) and home (parent/child).There is an accompanying instruction sheet that goes along with the worksheet.Box '1' is meant to identify typical anxiety producing triggers such as loud noises, illness, late bus, etc.He said, "yeah, it's like a road and I'm the car and you want me to go in reverse sometimes".He said, "sometimes I can just put myself in reverse and sometimes it may be icy and I could just slide back to a 1..." The roadway analogy helped to bring in the student's interests and increase his motivation to use the scale.

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