Dating a computer science major

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In high school he started a business repairing computers for his classmates’ parents.

In college he earned two degrees: one in Computer Science from Butler and one in Electrical Engineering from Indiana University—Purdue University Indianapolis.

Chris Stephenson, Executive Director of the Computer Science Teachers Association, adds that good computer scientists also understand teamwork and are good communicators.

They work with other people all the time, she says, including those who don’t come from a CS background.

That experience inspired Anokwa to develop Open Data Kit, a platform that replaces paper forms with smart phones and tablet computers. Election observers use it to monitor the polls in Egypt, health workers in Kenya use it to track efforts to combat HIV, and Brazilians use it to measure illegal logging in the rainforest.

Anokwa and a partner eventually started a company called Nafundi, which consults clients using tools like Open Data Kit.

It might not seem like the two subjects have anything in common, but Brown liked how they both relied on logical thinking.Through someone he met there he found his next job, in which he helped other companies find new employees for their information technology departments.Outside of work he joined some informal groups for programmers.“Whatever you think computer science is, you’re wrong,” says Dianna Xu, Chair of the Computer Science Department at Bryn Mawr College in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. Computer scientists use technology to solve problems.They write software to make computers do new things or accomplish tasks more efficiently.

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