Dating a computer nerd

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* These guys not only prefer brains over vanity, but they are also the ones with the big bucks, as they tend to be in high-paying industries.

Why you should date the nerdy guy So when considering whether to ignore that geeky neighbor of yours who seemingly does not have an active social life, think about these reasons first: #1 They are great in conversations.

I’m not saying the sex would be boring, that all depends on the nerd.

It may be because they have always been loyal to their small amount of friends.

It may even be because they have learned from various bullies at school that the more bullied you are, the closer you become with your fellow bully victims.

But once you give these dudes a shot, and once you get past that shyness and social anxiety, they are the most lovable guys you would know.

Instead of flirting the way a typical dude would, their years of absorbing all sorts of geeky media allows them to come up with a unique yet endearing way to catch your attention.

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