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But tread carefully with your fucking grenadine, my friend.)Don’t be a regular. Debbi is the sort of woman who shares articles on positive aging as a woman on social media and recognizes bartenders she just met as “kindred spirits.” She is the sort of woman we all want to be. Just write that shit on the receipt, or leave a business card or something. If it’s more of “tonight, not later” situation, then you have to wait until we’re off and go in for the kill accordingly.

Most bartenders would rather keep their regulars than sleep with you. But unless you since I’m not single, but honestly either way. Don’t expect us to scoop you up like our bag on our way out the door.

Most bartenders I know are close to my daughter's age...

BY Anonymous We’ve all been there: that cute, tall, handsome guy behind the bar can at times seem utterly irresistible.

Don’t be unattractive.(Includes being “average” but having an accent.)But lol, for the most part this just means “be attractive.”Because statistically speaking, we see looks and personality as the same thing. You want to be treated like a customer and nothing more?

The truth is: Nothing will lock a customer into “customer-zone” faster than shoving our face in the fact that he (or she) is paying to be here.

If you find it too painful to choose another option besides your local, memorising his shift schedule is always an option, but then, of course, there’s his coworkers, the other bar staff who can easily recognise you and recount to him every little thing you said or did while out at the bar. Most, if not all, dates will take place after 2 a.m. One of the tricks of dating a bartender is manoeuvring around his schedule, which is often every Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday… Rather you’ll be shouting to each other across the bar as he’s attending to other customers, yes female customers, and you’ll most likely be hit on by drunk single men. But, on those nights when you’re craving a relaxing night in, you’ll most likely find yourself back at the bar with your boyfriend and if the idea of doing shots offends you, you’re in the wrong relationship. He has probably slept with other customers or fellow staff.

While waiting for him to get home is another option, most likely by then you or him will be passed out asleep and there won’t be much energy to make the sparks fly… When you’ve tried over a hundred cocktails (no matter how cheap or free they are) things can get old, and if you weren’t a big drinker, to begin with, you’re really in deep. This goes back to that little question of: How did you two meet?

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