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Secondly, the expectations that the guy and the girls have with respect to romance and love. In exchange for that position in the harem, the girls would be able to get something that they might not be able to obtain by themselves. Finally, the presence of the “queen”, the leader girl, in the harem.All of these factors allow a harem to form successfully.They do not expect the other party to devote all their attention to them, and all they want is the occasional attention showered on them once in a while.The guy is also not expecting too much from a romantic relationship, and might also be relatively uninterested in romance himself.There are many different peculiarities that exist in such harem anime and this essay attempts to discuss some of them.What relationship structures do these harems in anime have to allow them to function and sustain themselves?Let me start with the main character, the only male in this situation.A guy in this situation is often the disadvantaged one in a gender-equal environment, as he is in the minority at the mercy of the majority sex.

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The main character himself is a major factor, as he is often patient enough to the girls around him.

The expectations that both sides of the gender have with respect to the relationship comes into the argument now.

Most of the time, the members of the harem do not have many expectations.

After all, as we do not see this kind of relationship structures very often in real life, it does seem very incomprehensible that the harem can ever be properly set up. One where the main character hesitates in choosing the one girl that he likes, and all the girls are hoping for the chance to be that one.

The other, which is the much rarer one, is one where the girls accept that they will be part of a harem, and function as part of one.

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