Cost of updating electrical gofish dating

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I’m a first time home owner who bought an old home without fully understanding how electrical in old homes work.

Let me paraphrase my understanding of how electrical came to be!

In addition, nothing’s been updated to ground-fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs), which prevent accidental electrocution.

So, I started looking into what would be required to update my old electrical.

I read a book called No, our house doesn’t currently have knob and tube, which was the first wiring style used in homes. It’s a well designed system and when used properly and undisturbed, it works well. Every historic chat group and board mentions how each generation of homeowner has work done, changes made.

Everytime we tell someone we have an old home, people ask us this. So if your house has knob and tube, there’s a possibility it’s been modified and that’s where the trouble sets in.

Meaning your electrician will have to knock holes in the walls to install new wire. Best to know before you move in, or begin major renovations so you can deal with it first.

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The best fix for knob and tube is to rewire the house.If a mouse chews a wire, the wires are just open in the wall, or if something is loose, moved, whatever, the wires are just loose.Here’s a video showing how knob and tube works and what it looks like.Funny to me, when we had our house inspected, the inspector mentioned our newer fuse box in the basement had been recalled – and we should replace it eventually. Another factor that was making us crazy anxious to upgrade the electrical was the fact we only had 100 amps coming into a 7,400 sq ft of usable space. Here we are with this huge house and very little electrical coming in. Another factor was if we ever wanted to add safety measures like GFCIs to the bathroom or kitchens, we’d need to update those fuse boxes. We’re also primed for a kitchen renovation, which will require completely rewiring that room. This projects checks one big items off our renovation list.Our bathrooms and kitchen are in sore needs of updates, and things like a simple plug was a total fantasy unless we addressed the whole system.

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