Consumer guide to internet dating

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The first provides 250 minutes of call time for per month.The second is their Unlimited plan that – as its name implies – provides unlimited incoming and outgoing calls for only per month. Consumer Cellular has taken that into consideration with its cellular offerings. Seniors are often drawn to features such as larger button and screens, better lighting, and clearer louder speakers.

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To that end, it has features such as: Another flip phone, the Alcatel Go Flip offers an economical way to keep in touch.

It can be added like a second line to any Consumer Cellular account for only per month extra.

Customers simply plug in their existing phone base into the device, no wall jack is needed.

Phone costs vary depending on what type of phone is needed.

If checking out pictures of the grandchildren on social media, playing games like Candy Crush, or perusing the internet is the goal, there are a number of smartphones available through Consumer Cellular.

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