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Most importantly, we must be clear to extend President Obama’s pledge to victims of campus sexual assault; we must let those who have been victims of relationship violence know that we’ve ‘got their back’.

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Although relationship violence is also a component of the revised Violence Against Women Act and the related public policy initiatives, for some reason, it seems not to have received the same level of attention as sexual assault on the college campus.

For example, during the fall 2014 semester, an incident that occurred between former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice and his wife in a hotel elevator in Atlantic City, New Jersey, dominated the nightly news and brought the issue of relationship violence to the national forefront.

There are a few basic steps that can be taken to address relationship violence on campus: Education: First and foremost, institutions must educate their students – as well as administrators and faculty - to overcome any assumptions that dating and domestic violence doesn’t occur on college campuses.It does and, unfortunately, will continue to do so unless it is vigorously addressed.Students should be taught to recognize the signs of abusive dating relationships, how to break the Cycle of Violence in relationships, and how to seek help.With a renewed commitment to create and maintain safe and inclusive environments, the higher education community has devoted its collective and nationwide attention, time, and resources to revise campus policies, to develop new response protocols and disciplinary procedures, to train administrators, and to educate students about sexual assault prevention.While any effort to enhance our institutional responses to sexual assault on campus is laudable, unfortunately, what seems to have been somewhat overlooked not only by the media but also by well-meaning administrators are the issues of dating and domestic violence.

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