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These student affairs practitioners work to provide services and support for students and drive student learning outside of the classroom at institutions of higher education.The size and organization of a student affairs division or department may vary based on the size, type, and location of an institution.The name American College Personnel Association (ACPA) was adopted in 1931.Association communication consisted of one mailed newsletter, the Personnel-O-Gram (P-O-G).The work of student affairs is critical across all institutional types, but essential at a community college, an open access to institution.While the enrollments at community colleges are holding steady across the country, the students within this population require more assistance, both in and out of the classroom.

That year, NAAS met for the first time and came as guests of the National Association of Deans of Women (NADW) to a convention sponsored by the Department Superintendence of the National Education Association.

The title of the head of student affairs also varies widely; traditionally in the United States, this position has been known as the "dean of students", as distinguished from the academic dean or the deans of individual schools within a university.

In some institutions today, student affairs departments are led by a vice president or vice chancellor who then reports directly to the president/chancellor of the institution.

The position description might have read, "that officer in the administration who undertakes to assist the men students [to] achieve the utmost of which they are individually capable, through personal effort on their behalf, and through mobilizing in their behalf all the forces within the University which can be made to serve this end".

Deans of Women were trail blazers as women in positions of authority.

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