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Varya is hard-working and responsible and has a similar work ethic to Lopakhin.She is also something of cry-baby, often in tears; but this may reflect her sense of powerlessness, as she is the one character in the play who may be most affected by the loss of the estate.Varya - Varya is Ranevksy's adopted daughter, who is twenty-four years old.She is in love with Lopakhin, but she doubts that he will ever propose to her.Pischik is characterized mainly by his boundless optimism—he is always certain he will find the money somehow to pay for the mortgages that are due—but also by his continual borrowing money from Ranevsky.Pischik is something of a caricature; his name, in Russian, means "squealer," appropriate for someone who never stops talking. Charlotte traveled from town-to-town performing tricks such as "the dive of death" when she was very young, before her Father and Mother both died.Yermolay Lopakhin - A businessman, and the son of peasants on Ranevsky's estate.

He serves as a foil for both Lopakhin and Ranevsky; Trofimov's ugliness, belief that he is "above love", and forward-looking nature contrasts with Ranevsky's beauty, her idealistic vision of love, and her obsession with the past, while his utopian idealism contrasts with Lopakhin's practicality and materialism. Boris Simeonov-Pischik - A nobleman, and fellow landowner, who is, like Ranevsky, in financial difficulties.Anton Chekhov is the finest short story writer of his period.According to New World Anton Chekhov can be pertained to such kind of writers who prefer highlighting the sense of his poems through the symbolism.Most of the characters besides Ranevsky regard him as repulsive and obnoxious. She is also the object of Yephikodov's affections, a status about which she is very confused.What Is the Meaning of the Cherry Orchard Symbol in the Poem?

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