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sara.ziegler: They scheduled North Carolina, but that was canceled because of the hurricane. sara.ziegler: And that’s the other problem: You can schedule a mid-tier Power-Five team, but you can’t guarantee they’ll be good. (Although that would have been very uncontroversial.) gfoster: It’s hard to see any team doing much against the Tigers’ defense. Oklahoma’s offense puts up video game numbers, so you’d expect Alabama to need to bring at least something to the table in that regard.

But in the meantime, we have some 37 bowl games to distract us from our families over the holidays. neil (Neil Paine, senior sports writer): Yeah, they mostly got out of the woods compared with some of the scenarios we talked about here.

neil: What would the line be on that Tide-vs.-Knights game? neil: (Sorry again about the spicy tenders, Geoff.) gfoster: The DXL Frisco Bowl is a rare short name that is terrible. It sounds like its named after someone named Jared Birmingham. And Lloyd Carr’s final win was an upset of Tim Tebow Florida. Clemson defense can keep Tua off the field enough to win.

gfoster: 28.5 Josh Planos: Without Mc Kenzie Milton? Which is kind of amazing — another two-loss Power-Five team above poor UCF. neil: I think “Jared Birmingham” is UCF’s backup QB. I’m a big fan of the Cheez-It Bowl I wish I had a bowl of Cheez-Its right now. neil: And don’t forget about the 2003 Outback Bowl! (Assuming they beat ND, who I think will make a game of it against Clemson.) Josh Planos: Alabama over Oklahoma 35-14 Clemson over Notre Dame 21-7 Alabama over Clemson 28-14 sara.ziegler: I guess there’s nothing left to do but watch the games!

neil: Josh, we almost got 1-2 Heisman QBs in the 2008 title game: Tebow vs. (But Tebow finished 3rd in the voting.) (Colt Mc Coy finished 2nd???? Gave us an excuse to pick up fried chicken at Times Square and eat it in the office. I think the Crimson Tide are kinda vulnerable to an upset.

) sara.ziegler: Wow gfoster: If we had an eight-team playoff, my guess is that it would be Alabama-UCF (lol), Clemson-Washington (I’m thinking they must include a token Pac-12 in this new world), Notre Dame-Ohio State, Oklahoma-Georgia. neil: Bad Boy Mowers Gasparilla Bowl Can anything top that? sara.ziegler: As if you needed an excuse for that, Neil. gfoster: Harbaugh’s only bowl win at Michigan was a romp of Florida. They start slow every game (tied with Citadel at halftime, remember) and it’s going to catch up to them at some point.

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