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In discussions of sex and sexuality, conversations tend to focus more on act of having sex and less on people for whom the absence of sexual activity is just as meaningful.

A key element of being “sex positive” means embracing various manifestations of sexual agency, including the decision to have sex at all.

Both sides argue that their approach is effective, especially in light of the continuing decline in teen pregnancy rates and teen birth rates. "Abstinence Only Sex Ed Has Unexpected Benefit: Math Gains?

Whether that's true or not, one fact is clear: the rates in recent years have hit record lows.

“There were many issues regarding the sex/love dichotomy that needed addressing before I could show up and be present [and begin] exploring ‘adult love’,” he says.

For Darlene*, who chooses to be celibate because she often “felt like an object and a receptacle for men,” celibacy has been helping her develop more positive relationships with men.

Black Singles practice Celibacy for a number of reasons, such as: Spiritual, Ethical, avoiding STD’s, Self Discipline, Self Discovery, or just simply trying to avoid Premature Relationships.

Black Celibacy is more than a dating site with a niche of celibacy for Black Singles.

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The two terms are often used interchangeably, but I think it’s important to note these differences for the purposes of this discussion.Melissa* realized she rarely got anything out of sex because there was a major disconnect between her and her partners.“I lacked a connection with those I was being sexual with and I didn't like that,” she said, which was a common reflection among the people I interviewed.Not everyone who practices abstinence views sex as being detrimental per se—it’s often that having sex is simply not optimal or is distracting at these points in their lives.“Celibacy” is the act of abstaining from sexual activity and, in most formal definitions, is almost always connected to religious or spiritual reasons.

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