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Search boxes, shared content and algorithmically derived recommendations allow consumers to find and explore very specific genres, which would not have been possible for TV or film previously.For example, people in one country who enjoy listening to folk music from another country were unlikely to constitute a big enough audience to warrant radio stations dedicating content to that genre.This commonality means that cat videos do not face some of the barriers that other cultural content does, and may therefore transfer more easily across geographic borders.Watching cat behaviour may be beneficial to our subjective wellbeing: a recent study shows that viewing cat videos boosts energy and positive emotions, while reducing anxiety.In addition, many content creators monetise their efforts through related merchandising and book sales.Two technology-related developments have enabled this somewhat unlikely market to exist.Not only is production less expensive, but distribution has also been made much cheaper and easier through the use of advertising-funded platforms.

Animals being filmed doing funny things is not a new phenomenon.If fans of Grumpy Cat are known to be single professionals interested in dating then advertising can be targeted to that group, making it more likely to be successful and hence worth more than if it were untargeted.Knowing the make-up of the audience in this way also makes it easier to sell merchandising and obtain future book deals, in a way that is not possible when the advertiser does not know who their marketing is aimed at and has to pay for more adverts in order to get the same number of click-throughs.Instead of paying for a narrower set of curated content, consumers now have access to a much wider range of user-generated content funded by advertising revenue.In particular, the information generated about who is watching cat videos enables content creators to prove to advertisers the value of their specific audience.

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