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Good for them, but that might tell us more about these modern speculators than about the ancient people who put these monuments here.

What Schmidt has found is a collection of standing stones arranged in circles.

Schmidt speculates that the site had religious significance, but I fail to see how it follows from all those negatives listed by Batuman that it was used as a religious sanctuary, though both he and Schmidt refer to the monolithic columns as a "temple." By calling it a temple and assuming the columns had a religious purpose, Batuman can say, without sounding like the fantasists who claim aliens built the site, The findings at Göbekli Tepe suggest that we have the story backward—that it was actually the need to build a sacred site that first obliged hunter-gatherers to organize themselves as a workforce, to spend long periods of time in one place, to secure a stable food supply, and eventually to invent agriculture.

on Göbekli Tepe entitled "The Birth of Religion." A graduate student who gave Batuman a tour of the site convinced him that the columns "are almost certainly humanoid figures, with long narrow bodies and large oblong heads." They see erect penises in various sculptures and stones.

Nobody knows who or why they put the stone circles together and nobody knows who or why they were buried more than a millennium later.The Shroud of Turin is regarded through the centuries as ‘the relic of all relics’, the most powerful symbol of Christ’s suffering, revered through the centuries.The face on the Shroud is today the most intimate memento of the Messiah.Some columns are blank; others have carvings of foxes, lions, spiders, scorpions, snakes, and vultures.Unlike the animal paintings in caves done by earlier Neolithic peoples, these animals are not the kind you hunt.

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