Cannibal dating site

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People who are captured and taken to this red room site are allegedly tortured through a variety of different methods, all to see how long people will survive.Pregnant women have had bleach injected into their stomachs, people get vivisected, and some just get starved to death.Without a doubt, the worst category of Dark Web sites involve red rooms.If you have read Dark Web horror stories before, then you already know what a "red room" is.

Though hoax sites might not be the worst Dark Web sites you could find, the possibility that you might end up stumbling upon the real deal may make you think twice about ordering services.Many on the site claim to have killed, cooked, and eaten others.Several pages also detail how to properly prepare human flesh, and how to find someone to eat.This is one of many sites on the Dark Web that allegedly is used for people who enjoy extreme zoosadism, a fetish that makes people sexually excited when they torture animals.Among people who are empathic and care for fellow living, breathing creatures, these kinds of sites are the absolute worst Dark Web sites imaginable.

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