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You're welcome to join us, but don't be surprised if you find yourself covered in hairs and mud, and end up carrying a dog poo bag.

For us it's not just about the big walks and events (although these are fun).

Welcome to Our Community Event Pages at the Dog Lovers Community Network, which is a sister site to our main events & networking page at https:// UK.• Are you looking for a social network to share walks and other dog friendly events with?

• Do you need a Rehab/Support Buddy to help you with exercising your dog while you're coping with an injury or ongoing illness?

Are you someone who suffers from loneliness or are you just ready to make some new friends?

Maybe you’ve taken on the responsibilities of dog ownership and found yourself in a conundrum such as personal ill health, or difficulties with dog training and socialisation, where you could do with some help and support?

Canine Conundrum UK is a community group spread across a wide area.

Don't be surprised if there is some noisy posturing as the mutts say hello and test each other out for play.

Remember that while it's OK for a dog to say "no thanks I don't want to play or be jumped on" dangerous aggression is not, so know how to handle your dog if it does becomes over anxious or aggressive.

Please let us know in advance if you have any particular worries such as safety issues or mobility/access requirements.

Canine Conundrum UK has some basic and obvious rules - so make sure you've read up on safe behaviour around dogs, especially how to meet and greet an unknown dog (see the Dogs Trust 'Be Dog Smart' education page at https:// ).

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