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According to Okcupid statistics, black women and Asian men get the least replies back, while white men get the most replies back. People usually take the path of least resistance: black women are more warm and open to Asian men, so why not date them? Do you really think black women are unattractive or is it that they are severely undervalued due to media portrayal?

No one on this thread is hating on Asian male / black woman couple. (same reason why white men date Asian women who throw themselves at white men)"To show Anglo sphere society that Asian men are high value, Asian men need to step up and date women of ALL races (Latinos, Arabs, Whites etc) Spit on the faces of white men and date white women; make them cry."Fucking word. Actually, since I think they suffer this perceptual problem, they perceived value is SEVERELY under their real value.

We prioritize our identity as Asians, not to be used as political pawns for either left or right in Western ideologies/parties..

Black women are feeling a similar burn on the spectrum of negative stereotyping that associates them with masculinity, and they are being hit worst of all, with even Black men not favoring them more than women of other races.

You are worthy and deserve partners that are bright enough to look past negative racial stereotypes introduced under a White supremacist model meant to tear you down and present you as the opposite spectrum of purity and beauty as they would have others do for them, that can love and appreciate you no different than they would a person of their own race, and that sees your humanity and values your diverse uniqueness.

For those that experience dating racism, how do you deal with it?

The most pathetic thing is that Asian men who suffer the same issue and drove the one damn ally away (who is probably ahead of the game). A majority of AMBW supporters are BLACK WOMEN WHO ARE ATTRACTED TO ASIAN MEN. So when it's an AM/BW, it's just two couple who get together because they couldn't do any better (to the eyes of white people)See why the fuck would you care?

I tried not to focus my attention on Black women because anyone’s disinterest in you based on your race is not a reflection on you, in any way, but entirely on them.

** to prevent mis-understanding: black women are wonderful & beautiful people and I have dated a black woman.

With that said, white America rate Asian men and Black woman as the bottom of the dating totem.

Btw, white male/black female is the most successful IR marriage. Get used to the fact that whites aren't like you think. We are a Pan Asian community (East, Southeast, South, Central) against all forms of anti Asian racism.

We aim to help Asian-Americans and Asians in the West, more broadly, make sense out of their own life experiences, find a supportive like-minded community, and live the best possible life.

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