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Eh, when Ok Cupid published their statistics on race, it showed that, depressingly enough, black women experienced higher rates of rejection than other groups (regardless of who they went after, I think). Most white guys just assume we are not into stuff outside of hood/ghetto/urban/hip culture, so most of the time, like online dating they dont even view our profiles to even see if we have things in common.Im very into "nerd culture" and listen to most music including alt, soft rock, indie etc.The reason is both western standards of appearance being tilted towards whites and negative stereotypes, especially the "angry black woman" stereotype.That's your answer for what "white men generally find." But there are 7.5 billion people and you are just one person.Soo, do white men generally find us black women attractive?You see black men with white women because black men usually go after what they want; Black women, (or women in general) kinda just stand around a guy and hope that he approaches them if they smile hard enough.The answer depends on (1) how far your face is from western ideals of beauty, (2) your fitness/body type and just as important: (3) how well you fit into white-american culture (note that there are many types of white american culture - from low-brow to high-brow).(Edit: The guy who was down-voted was coarse - but not entirely incorrect - as an example of culture, you are much less likely to get a white man if you use black-american vernacular.)Last, side point: You mentioned it's "kinda weird" (or actually you included "just kinda" before it to be less direct, again) that black guys are with white women "all time time" but not the other way around.

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The same for online, I would list all my "nerd" stuff and get a FEW nerdy guys viewing my pro but not messaging me.

Anyways, i know plenty of white guys who find yall attractive, it's just that they're intimidated and don't believe that you'll actually date em, so they don't try. My problem is that I'm kinda shy and socially awkward, especially around cute guys. I guess I'll have to get over it somehow and just talk to a white guy who doesn't really have a thing for black girls i can certainly find them attractive but i generally find i don't have much in common with black girls an am a bit intimidated to talk to themwhy do you feel you dont have anything in common with them?

if you want a white guy, you're most likely going to have to approach them sis. If you go to a university, bookstore, concert or trying online dating their are plenty of black women into different things.

Once there was a white guy staring at me and my shirt, I said hi and he ignored the crap out of me so I wont do it again.

(btw im open to any race just want someone with similar interests)Yes, I think I'm just as likely to find black women attractive as women of any race really, but I find they're usually either much more religious or hip/cultured than I am as a nerdy white im a nerdy black woman and list all of my nerdy interests on my dating profiles, I see a bunch of nerdy white guys viewing my profile but dont message.

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