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— Some pretty funny testimonials from customers here.

I especially liked Farley’s emotional delivery of “But who will give me back my tooth?

— I love Phil’s ridiculous listed-off types of “accidents” that this company handles.

SNL would also utilize David as a Perot stand-in during that year’s SNL Presidential Bash special (which was filmed sometime around this week, I believe, and aired in early November) when all three presidential candidates make their entrance together for the monologue.

— Very good part with Melanie entering with Pat’s hair, glasses, and attire.

I also loved Pat’s “You have GOT to be kidding me” response.

— A particularly classic part with us seeing each candidate from the perspective of the other candidates, with Clinton being viewed as a pot-smoking hippie, Bush as an old lady, and Perot as a munchkin from The Wizard of Oz.

— Nice touch with the meta bit at the end, with Perot explaining he can’t say “Live from New York…” because he’s on tape, so he asks “live boy” Bush to say it.

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