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–He compared Simmons’ relationship with Joel Embiid to a Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant situation and added he doesn’t think Simmons wants to be in Philadelphia long term.

I have no idea how Jason Mc Intyre would know things like this or if he has ever spoken to Ben Simmons in his life.

While I’m impressed that she’s visiting one of our nation’s first ever colonies for a booty call and possibly some sightseeing, I must remind her that the last time a Jenner visited a colony with a flame, she ended up pregnant.

Go ahead and ring that liberty bell as many times as you want, baby girl, but use protection!

Remember Kris Jenner was originally scouting Danilo Gallinari for Kim before she married Kris Humphries so setting up this relationship is right out of her playbook.

In return for being Kendall’s beard for a few years, Kris will help Ben get to LA so he can live in Malibu and go to the clubs with the LA thots. Both get something out of it and will probably ‘amicably split’ months after Ben is traded. If Ben Simmons made a deal with the devil, Le Bron and the Lakers might not even want him.

These two young lovers aren’t rushing to put a label on their dating thing, mostly because of their busy schedules and the fact that every NBA player that’s darkened Kris Jenner’s door has caused extreme turmoil and distress to the family.alum says she's definitely not gunning for any of her friends' men or ex-men, and shut down the rumor that she's been getting cozy with Kendall Jenner's former boyfriend, NBA star Ben Simmons.The two were apparently spotted earlier this week leaving The Highlight Room in Los Angeles a few moments apart, sparking this wild Jenner conspiracy theory.Yet, as you may have seen, Kendall’s been galavanting around Philadelphia with Ben, buying him soup at Whole Paycheck Foods and rooting for him on the sidelines at his professional basketball games.She even made light of her sister Khloé Kardashian’s baby’s father’s bad behavior by fake “boo”-ing for Tristan Thompson and his team, the Cleveland Cavaliers, as they played against Ben this weekend. I am excited for Kendall to possibly find love with a young NBA player who has yet to fully experience the thrills of being a rich man over 6-feet tall (i.e., who has hopefully not given into the temptations of female pheromones on the road), but I’d be forever unsettled if I didn’t caution the young model.

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