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Met his wife, Lucy Davis, through Patrick Baladi, a co-star on The Office (2001) with Lucy.

Armed with only the Sherlock Scan, suggestions and hypnosis, Jane often reveals overlooked details to the amusement of his team, when he's not keeping them in the dark for kicks.

He used to claim that he was psychic by using these abilities, until he "read" a serial killer named "Red John".

Insulted, Red John killed his family and left a note calling him out for this.

Owain Sebastian Yeoman is a Welsh actor born in Oxford, England to parents Michael and Hilary Yeoman. An honors English graduate of Brasenose College (1996-99), Oxford University Owain also graduated from the prestigious Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts (RADA) in London with the distinction of being The Henry Marshall Shield Winner in 2003.

His first audition was for the Warner Bros epic Troy (2004) starring Brad Pitt in which director Wolfgang Petersen immediately cast Owain as Lysander, the Captain of the Trojan army.

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