Application screenupdating stays true

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The Workbook Open code is below and a sample worksheet with extracted code is below.

Can any one advise what is happening or why it is happening please.

I included an extra module ' Screen Updating' with the complete code from to get Screen Updating active.

However working with PPT2003 the Screen Updating does not work.

Launch the VBA editor and set screenupdating to true. If possible, i appreciate someone can tell me how to accomplish it using Xla. Best wishes, Loy SAMPLE CODE Public Sub Onshore Trfr(By...

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Thank you very much, Antoine Venrooij --------- Public Sub A... Screenupdate = False not working Hi, I'm experiencing in some code I wrote that the statement Appliation. Despite the line of code, the screen still changes when I select or activate another worksheet in the workbook in my code. I'm still on Excel 97, not by choice =) Cade Application. 1000 rows, and i see the sheet changing while saving. There is an unusual amount of screen flicker, which I have identified as occuring only after I turn on Screen Updating. Are you switching worksheets, inserting/deleting worksheets, printing or turning protection on... My code look like this now: Sub Bad Code On Error resume Next Application. Before Save, Screenupdating = False, Why is it not working Hello I want to set Screenupdating = False before saving, because i've got 12 sheets with aprox. I turn off Screen Updating and when finished turn it back on again.So when I make an entry in Budget worksheet, it triggers this code.But, unfortunately, the screen also updates and displays the Categories worksheet momentarily. I've put Screen Updating = false, but the Screen Updating happens before it gets to that line. Thanks, Harold Private Sub Worksheet_Calculate() 'this hides the message rows on Categories page if Budget Tot...

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