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And in the job market, there’s something very a kin to that which is if I keep looking for just the right job and the employer keeps looking for just the right person, they end up having openings that are unfilled and I end up being unemployed.

So loneliness in the partner market is basically similar to unemployment in the job market.

(This is, by no means, the limit of what can be said of each metaphor).

I have always hated the saying, "There's Plenty of Fish In The Sea" because of how annoying it actually is.

I went ahead and asked my friend at the University Of Washington. Takes time off to go to the occasional football games or parties on the weekends to socialize with his friends.

When asking him “ well Tyler, do you have any dating apps on your phone or ever go out on dates” He definitely laughed, not at the question but that he doesn’t have a dating app or have been on a date since his high school prom date.

As for the student user with the mindset of a long-term hoping to benefit from the other student user into growing together to later benefit each other.

His explanation was simply that there aren’t many platforms where he can join to find someone who’s going to accept him as being Bisexual and is afraid for his own safety.

Safety in that there continues to be predators or people who will go against him if he opens up.

Here are a few examples of metaphors claimed from the fishing world.

Beside each word is a short sentence using the metaphor, followed by an implication or conclusion that can be drawn from the usage.

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