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While I am not discrediting the work he has put in while in Hamilton, the fact remains that Manziel still has not taken a regular season snap in this league.

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And he had several weeks to get the Hamilton playbook down, so why wasn’t he inserted then?But then along came Johnny Football to the Tigers-Cats, who held the former Heisman trophy winner’s rights. Despite all the setbacks, Vernon has remained positive and brings that infectious attitude to work every day.It seems preposterous that a quarterback who is undefeated in his brief CFL career can’t seem to catch a break, but here we are.Adams has stated that he loves the city of Montreal and is confident that he can put his first professional football team on his back and lead them to victory. The biggest question will be whether Alouettes OC Khari Jones can adjust his play-calling to better suit the mobile Adams.After weeks of a plodding offense led by Drew Willy that has not produced any significant scoring, the insertion of a playmaker that can escape the pocket will be a welcome sight for fans eager to see some touchdowns.

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