Alexander skarsgard dating 2016

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“In walks this skinny guy that looked like a really tall Kurt Cobain,” he told News Week. It’s not a lot of fun.” Despite being “awful”, Hammerby don’t have to worry about losing Alexander’s support any time soon…in 2010, he proved his devotion by donating a number of signed items to raise funds for the beleaguered team.

“But once the cameras started rolling, Skarsgård became Colbert.” Outside of acting, Alexander is a football fanatic, and one of Stockholm’s Hammerby IF’s most loyal supporters. In 2013, Alexander joined Prince Harry in a fundraising trek to the South Pole.

The HBO series, which would go on to win 11 Emmy nominations, followed the story of a group of US Marines during the early part of the Iraq War.

Alexander played the role of team leader Marine Sgt. According to co-star (and real life Marine) Rudy Reyes, Alexander was born to pay the role of the charismatic Colbert, even if he didn’t necessarily look the part at first.

After completing his military stint, Alexander enrolled at Leeds Beckett University.

With more awards than his mantle-piece can handle, a place in history as one of the few actors to have trekked the South Pole, an upcoming role in the hugely anticipated Godzilla vs.“Soccer in Sweden is like a religion,” Skarsgård told Goal, “Growing up in Sweden, in the south of Stockholm, we supported Hammerby.” Love them though he does, Alexander is realistic about the team’s capabilities “They’re terrible. The trek formed part of Alexander’s duties as Ambassador to Walking with the Wounded, a non-profit organization that helps former service men and women transition to civilian life.The conditions during the four-week, 200-mile trek were extremely hazardous, but Alexander battled on to the bitter end, finally making it to the earth’s most southerly extremity on 13 December 2013.Alexander Skarsgård was born in Stockholm, Sweden on 25 August 1976.His mother was My Skarsgård, a physician, while his father is actor Stellan Skarsgård.

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