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You can also start a public group chat, which we hope will be particularly useful for makers to create a super lightweight chat room to gather feedback and build community with their audience. So happy to see Product Hunt Chat live today, congrats on launching Product Hunt team 👏 With private convs, private and public groups, everyone can find his use of Chat 👍 What I appreciate is the fact that you took the time to implement anti-harassment and reporting tools even if it means to delay the launch 🙏 I am old enough on PH to remember the Direct Messaging feature from back in 2015 : D I have one question, Is the cat lovers a public group?Please share your feedback here or hit the "Message" link below this comment to start chatting with me privately. 😸I love to see how the Makers space is evolving 😻 Sharing Goals in the community has been extremely helpful for me during the last months.Dynamix’s chat includes presence; the ability for the recipient to set their status (i.e.

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Select a different name in the left column to switch between conversations.You can instantly start a chat upon logging in to your Lifesize app by using the search option.Search for a contact or meeting name by entering the first few characters in the search box, then highlight the name and click to launch Chat.You can compose a new chat with someone with whom you have not previously chatted.You can group chat with other members of your Lifesize group by joining them in a meeting room.

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